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vendredi, avril 18, 2008

♥ first week of school

yes, school officially started already. we were given mini project to do already, and are already planning on to the next major report writing.
stayed up until 3 in the morning to rush my ITP logbook, a lot man. felt a sense of accomplishment when i did finish. the pics and memories we shared for the past 9 weeks, it is indeed memorable!
anw, had practical at W1021 this morning. and i couldn't find the place luh! i had difficulty finding the stairs and the classroom. i can't believe i'd been studying for 1 year and still behaved like freshies. practical was juz briefing. was really tired o'er the completion of ITP book, i slept a little during practical. and my lecturer never give face, told me after class that i'd been sleeping in class luh, must sleep early next time. like first time in my whole poly life, lecturer told me this! =X
a lot of stuffs happened. like catching up with OCS, GYL, DME1A23 ppl. (: how i love those catch ups! realised that a couple of us from DME1A23 was transferred to other classes. cos the last time they all saw me was the last paper in yr 1, so no one actually found out that i'd rebonded hair Dx so most of them couldn't recognise when they saw me luh! ): okay, i actually miss my class cos they are like, so close le. ): like seriously, even though i'd been the only pathetic girl in class, at least they were inclusive! TF class also very good! but it's just that it's been 1 long year that i've known them! some friends from another class told me about one of my classmate in TF. cos these friends were classmates with him last year, so they were like, xin zai le huo when they found out i'm gonna be classmate with this guy for 2 years! ): darn! i can't stand this kind of ppl the most! ahhhh.

some lame stuffs we did at PP b4 BBQ with philippines trip ppl!

while waiting for rain to stop~

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