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dimanche, avril 13, 2008


just returned from SPSU'S FOWA camp! =/ very very tired!
had interaction games, amazing race, dirty games, night walk, station games!
yes, night walk ended at 0535 on sunday, and after bathing, only managed to get 2 hrs of sleep. darn tired ):
freshies are really high, oh my, i think i learned wat hierarchy is =/ LOL. cool. my IC do everything luh, i was the one slacking =X heh.

after break camp at 1:25pm, took pictures and etc and had de-brief at 2 plus. kept dozing off. after de-brief at 3 plus, still had camp comm meeting until 4 plus =/ den chiong to church for video.. LOL. i missed team B video for many times le! =X last time i went was 17th Feb. a day b4 mini expedition. then i missed the next morning and evening during philippines trip. and missed another morning for FOWA. =/ haiz.

jia you. school starts tmr ): ahhh i dunno how to face new classmates tmr luh.

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