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dimanche, avril 06, 2008

♥ philippines!!

philippines trip!

a couple of unlucky stuffs happened when i was in philippines!! ): like argh!

1) Rubik's Cube teaching (18/03/08) ! ev'thing was gg well until after lunch time.
i went to the toilet, found out that i had my period.
den found out that i was stucked in the toilet cos of the lock which was really rusty. i was very happy when i managed to lock the toilet door initially, until after i got stucked, did i realised there was a wooden plank at the top of the door to lock the door.
i didn't save any of my team mates' philippines hp no, cos i didn't find the need to..
thankfully had cheryl's, i cried on the phone, den my hp went FLAT. like WTH!
called for help verbally, but to no avail ):
after a long 10 minutes wait, den i got help from kx and principal. T^T

a) asked principal for pad, she tot i was asking for lecture pad!! =/
b) she stood outside the door when i went to toilet to wear pad! =\

2) the first day of homestay (22/03/08), we (karen, jessica, 2 foster sisters - claire & gereldine) went to town to get some snacks!! den i stepped on chewing gum la!! and it's really a big one. the next day, i found out my slipper - the same one with chewing gum ): , was spoilt cos my foster family's dog bite my slipper luh!! Dx

a) thankfully brought extra slipper. that jinx m)phosis. stepped on 2 chewing gums on 2 consecutive days in s'pore, left slipper also gg to spoil. was also hoping it will spoil during or after philippines trip. ALAS, back in singapore, on thursday, i realised that my m)phosis left slipper "open mouth" le!! =D

my team kept calling me sa-ba ren and siao char boh ): cos i was really black after the island hopping trip (16/03/08). until just now, when i was looking thru the pics, den i realised i was really BLACK. no wonder la.. SCB cos i also dunno why. =/

ATM stands for Automatic Tubig Machine! Tubig means water~ water really came out from the machine!
it's Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday, Easter Sunday!
si gi na means, si hai zhi in hokkien. but in illongo language, si gina means "Come On!"

at T2 !
at supermarket (:
lunch w ex-mayor! (:
after lunch with ex-mayor
near lo-ong~
after electrification! :)
big love!
Lyca, Shenna, Julie-Ann! xD the kids at lo-ong
island hopping~
at tourism office
more kids at lo-ong~
island hopping~
island hopping~
dinner at duno-where =/
with foster siblings~

and we learned qing fei de yi in tagalog in prep for cultural night! =D

Di ko alam hanggang kailan tayo
Di ko mabago pag ikot ng mundo
Pero sama ka sa aking biyahe
Atin lamang ang araw na ito
Ang buhay ay sinasakyan lang yan
Di mo malaman ang tungo kung saan
Pero sama ka sa aking biyahe
Iaalay ko ang puso ko...

and we did the papaya dance for cultural night!
omg, i really miss the carefree time in philippines luh. next week is alr the starting of a new academic year, like, BORING ): ahhhh i still wna play!

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