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vendredi, avril 04, 2008

♥ simplicity has its own beauty

reflection =D
Simplicity has its own beauty.
how true. the first word which came into my mind when i reached philippines was "simplicity". the kids there, they juz made me smile and experienced joy and laughter which i dare say, it's hard to experience in singapore. those little notes and gifts which they gave us, it truly touched my heart. the joy on their faces when we did electrification of the houses, it's simply priceless. many times, we have been taking advantages of the electricity in Singapore. but those 2 light bulbs actually made their lives much easier to go on. having no electricity at all is very tough cos we also experienced electricity blackout. candlelight dinner was very new to us, but we've been placed in these ppl's shoes that electricity is important indeed. Returning to Singapore, back to reality indeed. i mean, the hectic and busy life still goes on. returned on tues, back to school on wed-sat. following week is FOP and FOWA, followed by school reopen.. i mean, back in philippines, i actually COMPLETELY forgot what school i was from, literally. i really loved the time in philippines when ev'one juz let their hair down and enjoyed the expedition. Singapore is indeed a stressful country, where ev'one is just rushing and rushing. We should slow down our pace and stop and stare. LOL. live life simple (: reminds me of ah wang show - life made simple.

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