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lundi, juin 02, 2008

♥ holidays!

yes yes yes! it's finally the holidays now! and i feel so good! sleep until noon today! =D hahaha! it's been a hectic week.. common tests and presentation last whole week.. i wondered how i managed to get thru that horrible week! i had IA practical test 2 weeks ago, and i'm so thankful that i had FULL marks for it =D yeah!
this week is gonna be another long week.. today juz had SPAC2GO briefing for the mid year open house.. i finally got the SP shirt!! =D very jealous whenever i see ppl wearing it sia.. so it was from SPARC! tmr is free! =D gotta finish my GEMS proj assignment.. wed gotta go and hand it.. ): thurs is the mid year open house thingy.. fri is sungei buloh trip..
anw, also had french test last week.. oh mans! ): had a written + listening + oral test unexpectedly! and the first qns which was asked was, what is your name, and i said, i'm fine..oh mans!! and i realised that my circle of friends in SP is rather.. small? or big... cos i juz realised that one of my GYL friend is also my SPOCS friend's friend.. like, wow.. i juz realised that today! want to update lotsa pics but really too lazy.. ):
been reading lots and lots of garfield comic books.. haha~
i wanna do some silly intro in french :)
salut! Je m'appelle Joanna. J'ai dix-huit ans. Je habite á Singapour et je suis l'êtudient. J'aime la lecture et la musique. blah blah blah...
french is cool (:

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