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samedi, juin 28, 2008

♥ sch, workday

sch started for a week alr ): bad and lousy week cos got back almost all my tests papers results. haiz. i didn't fail, but the feeling is worst than failing. i'm gonna study real hard this sem. classes is so far so good. i've finally started to learn more about my GEMS bcos it also links to one of my module (: heh.

i received my favourite student's letter from philippines on monday!! =D and i sent her a letter last thurs, hope she receives it luh.. sekali i sent to wrong address sia..

anyways, had workday this morning~ hahaha.. i didn't went for the previous workday cos i just left for philippines on that day Dx we were at prayer room vacuuming when the socket and the wire came loose.

that's right!! that's when we apply whatever we learnt in sch and outside at that time! hahaha! check us out!

haha! the vacuum cleaner is working again! xD

okay, if I'm ever going back to philippines for SPOCS again, i promise that i'm going there to do electrification! i find more joy doing that luh =D

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