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dimanche, juillet 13, 2008

♥ sian

(: met up with cheryl and denise on friday!
first thing in the morning, on my way to T14... the sole of my left shoe came off! DX

after class at 10am, went to buy superglue immediately and fix my shoe.

den after school, we went to marina square.. we went to e Hong Kong Cafe and had lunch..
black pepper chicken chop + rice & egg
ying yong drink.. mixture of coffee and tea!
the imfamous bo luo bao...
pork chop rice~
chee cheong fun! oh my!! superb nice..

the bill.... $28.95
wanted to watch Get Smart initially but the only timeslot was 7:10pm and it was only 3:30pm den.. so we were contemplating whether to watch Hancock or Hellboy 2 by using a mentos sweet to decide.. LOL. we watched Hellboy 2 in the end! the movie isn't too bad~ even if didn't catch the first sequel, i dun think we'll miss much on the 2nd sequel. (: gee~ went back around 7 plus.. caught the train in city hall and i accidentally hit a girl's bag beside me cos it's squeezy.. when i saw her bag, i realised i was carrying the same one!!!!! DX
was rushing home cos net starts at 8pm.. had to go home cos i realised the sole of my right shoe also threatening to come off! Dx was walking towards the bridge near my place when the whole sole except the toes area came off! OMG! i used the super glue and glued back luh.. tot i could reach home by 7:50.. in the end, 1/2 way on the bridge, the whole sole came off and i decided to walk barefooted back home. reached home at 8:05 luh!! saw the bus which goes to my fren's place and chiong for it, but the bus uncle never see me and drove off when i reached the door le!! ): had to walk out to the main road to take bus.. sigh.

what a day.. a sole winner (:

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