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lundi, juillet 28, 2008

♥ stuffs going thru

yes, finally updating after so longgggg...

had a shock of my life this early morning.. was leaving home for sch this morning at 6 plus. i heard meow-ings and i was really eager to check out where's the cat! =D after closing the door and gate, i heard meows from the still in construction lift's ledge.. as i pop my head towards the meow direction, the cat suddenly jumped up (not at me thankfully) and stayed on the ledge and continued meowing at me.. i actually ran off screaming =X i saw my neighbours' cat downstairs and was stupidly trying to communicating to it that there's a cat upstairs by meow-ing too..

anyway, i've just finished watching a HK drama last fri/sat morning!

yes yes, this show had been on channel 55 last year alr! gee! i must say, one of the best HK dramas i ever watched.. i mean what else i can say about HK series! (: too good! hahaha, i think i've learned a bit about showhand! hohoho.. i wanted to watch this drama after my exams or something luh, but i cant stand the idea cos my mind will get distracted and i cant concentrate luh.. so i pia the whole DVD last week.. LOL.. at least it's worth my time! (:

upcoming stuffs...
tests and reports and projects and exams!!! just handed in GEMS proj 2 today, phew.. slept for 5 min during eng design class this morning.. scared Raja would scold me luh.. as a result, i actually missed out quite a bit when i was sleeping.. though it's only 5 min!
got back EM2 common test paper.. 22/30 only!! super sad, cos 5 marks is totally careless mistake ): sigh, best of all, i got same marks as Liang Wei.. Dx
this thursday gotta show RWP to t'cher le!! feeling very lethargic in school but exams are alr around the corner, thankfully i've sensed the urgency le! Do my best!

updates about church stuffs...
i realised that praying for my 'The One' is actually very amazing luh.. must continue! xD
and there's net reshuffling~ been with this net for 7 months alr!! i mean, just look at our smiles!

at least not much changes for me~ back to previous net :) hohohoho..

going to GYL 08/09 camp this year xD woohoo! at least the activities aren't the same as last year!! no more raft building! yay! i was seriously scared last year, alw imagine i'll drown during the game.. den i think i kept complaining to Jane and Gary while we were on the raft.. hahaha.. but thankfully my group had 2 sailors! =) safe hands! i miss last year GYL camp! ): i think i'll start comparing again .. ahhh... God answers prayers! (:

okay, i'm going to mug and exercise!! did i mentioned? i wanna get a Holga 120 GFN or a 120 GCFN... (: fisheye can be included too..

maybe a Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim Camera..

i think i have a recent fetish of cameras.. as in those really antique and cute and expensive ones... ;P

oooo! i just received 2nd letter from my phil students (: on saturday! i almost couldn't sleep that night thinking what to reply! xD hahaha, though i really wanna go back to phil next year, but it's really the money part which stops most of us from going back.. i miss lo-ong, concepcion, boracay, bohol, guimaras, iloilo, cebu... best memories ever! haha! i wonder who's the one who told me to go to Phil (: best advice ever.

gonna stop here~ probably update on a later date.. (:

P/S. happy 20th birthday to Raphael! (:

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