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vendredi, juillet 04, 2008

♥ what can i do?

school's really getting more boring each day.. going to school, feeling so lethargic ev'day isn't a good thing right. anw, i went for french class on tues instead of wed cos of the GYL meeting. the wed class t'cher is much better than the tues class t'cher, but the ppl from tues is much friendlier than wed's! (: oh my, hope i can see them again on the next tues class :) ha!

GYL mtg at T1846 on wed. it sure brings back memories. the first time i met my group 4 members last year, at that corner of the room. the time when teng showed us the video and slides. the laughter we all had when we saw the "no sex before marriage" part. the time when we do ev'thing as a group, i miss the whole GYL team luh. i mean, the people esp. sorry about it, but i'm comparing again. cos there's quite a lot of changes this time round. i can't adapt to it yet. sigh.

SPOCS 2009.. i'm still contemplating whether to go or not. cos it's gonna be 3 weeks plus. after this year's experience - the Long March, dunno if i can squeeze time out or not. some are going back as returnees. i want and i love to, but but, i guess i'll start to compare and compare again. ): but i wanna see nova jane and sheena and julie ann and lenear and lyca and all those kids at lo-ong and i wanna do electrification again and and and... many many things..

thank God for the ppl i've known in SP. yet i'm starting to feel.... i dunno..

oh yea, the 40 days prayer and fast is on!! till aug 8 (: heh! pray for my ONE!!

i'm gonna press on towards the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

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