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mardi, août 26, 2008

♥ K-drama

i chanced upon a K-drama called 싱글파파는 열애중 / Single Dad in Love


The love story of a single dad, Kang Poong Ho, who raises his 7 year old son alone after being abandoned by his first love, Yoon So Yi. By day he works as a pest exterminator and by night he is a martial artist. Jeon Ha Ri, is a medical student from a wealthy family who falls for Poong Ho. She secretly teaches Poong Ho’s son, San, how to play the piano. Poong Ho’s first love is also his son’s mother who is a cold and proud woman who left her family to study abroad as a pianist. She was sponsored by Jeon Ki Suk who happens to be her fiancée and Ha Ri’s father.

it looks like a nice drama to watch, but i can't bear to spend $35.90 on this! ): but the actor so shuai! =D so i'm gonna watch it online =X! okay, once my exam ends...
Ahh.. i haven't been revising throughly for my exams yet... =/ this thurs and friday! ): GG.
// oopsie.. i juz watched finished the drama on wed =X the show was much better den i expected. seems to be a one of a kind script at the moment, cos there's really a couple of stuffs which i didn't expect! but i guess there's only 1 part which i really dislike, it's the horrible ending! i was tempted to watch the ending first initially but i tahan to watch the whole show.. it's super unlikely that there'll be a sequel to this drama ): but after all, i still think it's worth your 24 hours choing-ing this drama...

kinda don't know what to do when my holidays come.. cos wanna work, but i'll be going to sch and having camp during the "working" weeks.. where to find work which allows me to work for 4 weeks of weekdays only?... =/ argh..

and i chanced upon another real cute cam! =D

it meows! hahaha, at least i can use it to scare the dusty kitty outside my house xD ahh, so cute and it cost a whooping $70 luh...

anyway, i just learnt something. i alw hear a saying called "yuan jia lu zhai" or "Enemies meet when the road is narrow" literally translated.

there's a classmate who i dun particular like since the starting of the semester this year.. not because i look down on him or what the others (his yr 1 cls mates) said abt him. it's based on personal experiences luh.. is his thinking of certain stuffs and he reminds me of another person which also piss me off. no offence... i can't rmb but a certain incident happened and my friend mentioned to me that we mustn't dislike him too much cos of that saying (abv...) he alw kena suan by the class la but at least he doesn't feel dejected or smth.. oh, and i also used to suan him that's y my fren mentioned that phrase.. i often thought that he's born in march cos of his personality and etc which was almost the same as one of my fren.. lo and behold, i was friendster-hopping last night when i read some of his testimonials which his frens gave... which was the "happy birthday".. den i noticed a "happy national day" part which was kinda puzzling.. so the shock of my life came.. almost couldn't sleep the whole night cos of this ): he's the 3rd person from SP who i know, that shares the same bday as me T^T super sad, i hope he's born at a later time than me, den i can bully him (:

au revoir!

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