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samedi, août 02, 2008

♥ sungei buloh

mangrove salvaging at sungei b. in the morning! (: fun~!

having to go to dover for the bus at 8am was killing me!! i was so pek chek at the distance that i had to travel all these months, to school.. gee, but this usually only happens whenever i'm going to sungei buloh~ hahaha! anw, a couple of us took e transport from school. mr lim gave us mac breakfast to eat juz in case we faint due to hunger at S.B. we arrived around 9am cos the secondary sch was supposed to do some water sampling before doing mangrove salvaging. we were resting until 10 before proceeding on towards that piece of land filled with baby mangroves. the last time i did mangrove salvaging was in feb!! during e mini expedition trip, and i didn't do any of the salvaging actually, juz held the plastic bag and pretended doing it =X ha! it was kinda hilarious when i saw the students and some of our team mates falling to that muddy area.. not easy to get up luh.. cos we will juz sink in, like quick sand... hahhaha.. anyway, i actually kinda did my first mangrove salvaging with e help of a student too (: hahaha! i took a pic to commemorate it. after sungei buloh, went home and bathed before going to school the 2nd round!! for international friendship day! (: hahaha! it was a great performance luh.. and the food and games! hahah! (: yup, i missed the edge luh...

it's a good day out after all~

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