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dimanche, septembre 07, 2008

♥ pre-gyl syndroms

supposed to pack luggage and do ppt slides and off to sleep by now, last min prep again. anyway, GYL prep is just going on lidat. feel kinda vexed about some issues. ev'thing is not in place and lecturers are making noise. yes, yr 2s are supposed to help out and yr 2s themselves are not co-operating also. feeling damn pissed off. why can't ev'one be more cooperative and can't they have the basic accountability to their leaders? i finally understand the essential of accountability. i mean, dun skip any pre camp activities when it's important for ur group bonding. i admit, i skip the stupid walk but at least i've account to my leader that i was sick. at least i didn't skip and lie that i had something on despite running a high fever on monday. i really really ain't looking forward for this camp. the people, the place, the problems that we're definitely gonna face, the talks that we're gonna have and many more. feeling really pek chek. i'm gonna go for this camp purely for 2 reasons right now. leaving home in 7 hrs time. 4 days time. i hope i dun get any blacker than my phil trip.
p/s. i brought the same luggage bag which i brought to phil! imagine! 25 days worth of stuffs and 4 days worth of stuffs. owells.

-- edit--
the luggage wheel got chipped off on the way to the mega mall at batam! SUPER ANGRY! 4 days trip only, compared to 25 days. brighter side of life : it's the 25days trip which resulted in the 4 days trip.

happy belated 20th bday to amos!
happy belated 20th bday to 612/sis!

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