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vendredi, septembre 19, 2008

♥ results gotta improve

feeling really sad now, emo until cannot emo alr... it's juz due to my results.
i calculated that even if the next 3 semesters, i got a perfect GPA consistently, my cumulative GPA at the end of 3 years is only 3.594 which is juz nice for admission into a local uni. and i noe i can never achieve 4.0 all the way. i checked online and i realised that 80% depends on poly results and 20% depends on O level results! yes, O level results actually still counts in to admission. and the super irritating thing is that CCA doesn't play a part anymore, not even 1%. yeah. so even though i strive my best to get at least an A with merit for CCA, it doesn't play a part in my admission at all. i mean, after "working" so hard to get more than 46 points for these 3 semesters, it's kind of useless actually. the only thing i hope is to get NYAA gold award, at least it looks nice on my CCA records. oh man, i juz dun feel right. after forcing myself to do so many stuffs for the sake of CCA points, den realising that it's no use at all, I SHOULD HAD CONCENTRATED ON MY STUDIES LAH.
but no matter what, i should be thankful cos not ev'one can get 3 As every semester (: ha! oh wells, from next sem onwards, i'm gonna study real hard (i hope) and get As next sem!! but i'm juz worried that if i dun get into local uni, what am i supposed to do ):

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