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mercredi, septembre 17, 2008

♥ results!

results are here ~

i got As for Industrial Engineering, Advanced Machining and Engineering Math 2!! Thank God! i really mugged hard for these modules, though it's kinda unexpected for EM2 (: heh.
Bs for Engineering Design ): i alw respect Raja cos whatever modules he teach, i will get A ): but this time, is really my bad la. i only studied the day before ): Financial Mgt (GEMS) got B, thankfully! i think that's the lowest la.. B+ for Report Writing!! i expected another A cos i put in "so much" effort in the final report and i was looking forward for an A. it's probably my CA1 and 2 which pulled my grade? but i guess B+ isn't too bad la~ (: woohoo!
Cs again.. ): for Engineering Materials 2 and Industrial Automation. i noe my EM2 will be that horrible cos i didn't study much the week before.. watching single dad in love la! ):< very ironic lor, this 2 modules is the last 2 papers and i had 1 week juz to study, with no papers or anything in b/w, but this 2 scored the worst. lesson learnt : set priorities right, study means study, no movie or drama allowed. Industrial Automation, very sad. never study properly. all my ladder diagrams and etc all wrong, thankfully got practical to pull me up. but it's clear that i did badly for this paper ): sad. if i had gotten an A for IA, my GPA would be 3.46 i think, what a waste ):
GPA kinda dropped. Last sem was 3.192, this sem is 3.154. i noe is a minor drop, okay, to encourage myself, i'm in TF, so i cannot compare my GPA with the others in A stream.. (: ha, whatever.. cumulative is 3.25 only.... how to go local Uni...
GYL gathering tonight, i think i shall emo myself and not go (:

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