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jeudi, octobre 23, 2008

♥ GEMS proj

i feel so mad! this is only the 2nd week of school but i've got a group presentation in week 4 for GEMS. and the puzzle goes like this:

In Wildwood grubs prison, there were four cells numbered 1 to 4 from left to right, with only one prisoner to a cell. The following facts had been recorded in the prison officer's logbook.

1. Cell 2 was occupied by either Angry Alan or Desperate Dave.
2. The burglar was next to the prisoner but not next to the strangler.
3. Neither Brutal Bill nor Desperate Dave was the knifeman.
4. Either the strangler or the knifeman was in cell 4.
5. Brutal Bill was next to Cruel Colin.
6. Desperate Dave was to the immediate left of the strangler.

Can you find the inmate (i.e the prisoner) and crime for each cell?


i've been racking my brains, using the same method which we've learnt but i only got 1/2 right (i guess) .
just watched epi 30 of "WGM"! i love AlShin's part; cos of the quadruplets mainly... gee, TGIF! tmr is friday, it's been a long week.. school for so many hours for the past 4 days, draining me physically and mentally (cos still cannot adjust to lectures). but i still got NYAA mtg tmr at 5:30!! class end at 12 tmr sia.. had CNC practical today, had hands-on on the machine - turning.. hahaha, pretty cool... oh well... (:

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