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samedi, octobre 11, 2008

♥ ocs gathering, china wine

just had phil OCS gathering this afternoon, though only 1/2 of the team turned up but it's a good day~ (: updates like spocs 2009, gems, timetable, holidays. LOL. our team was the smallest! 19 of us only - 5 girls, 14 guys. 2009's batch got 27! - 8 girls, 19 guys. some more their's really racial harmony sia. got s'porean, m'sian?, ind'sian, malay, indian, myanmar people, vegeterian... no pork, beef, chicken to eat cos need halal and phil seldom got halal food la. power sia. den talk about our kiasu-ism of signing up for GEMS as usual. and Sports Elective Programme, i wanna do tennis instead of swimming la.. anw, we had buffet at clementi - fortune restaurant. not too bad cos i just kept eating non stop (: $20 total! very cheap~!! including all the ++ la, $16.80++.. must take e pics from maggie~ (:

we had our usual gathering in our room during GYL camp last month, and we were mentioning smth about Sun Ho's China Wine. lol. never knew she was so popular~ hahaha, the following is just my personal opinion, no offence intended. the lyrics goes smth like "china wine x3 x6 dance our problems away" i didn't know such song exist until i just googled online. i dunno what's the meaning of the song. i kinda wasted 1/2 hour listening and watching the "China Wine" dun hafta google or yahoo or msn search for it cos i think ur IQ will drop =X

LIW class starts tmr~ 9am and 12nn classes, back to taking them~ =/ hahaha, school is finally starting in 2 days time! =D the anticipation, o goody~

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