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lundi, octobre 20, 2008

♥ school

(: currently watching "Love Marriage".. still stuck at ep 2, cos the first part is really draggy...

class started at 10 this morning~ mechanics lecture for an hour before having lunch... den had thermo 2, this time i managed to rmb some stuffs which i learnt last yr (: steam table and stuffs.. then had CNC lecture which was boring ): really felt like sleeping but cannot slp cos lecturer will catch u! he did that to me last sem! den he asked me to explain smth, so i juz smoked thru w/out knowing what i was talking. i guessed he got kinda confused too. den had mechanics tutorial~ yes yes, i finally understand how to calculate moments and etc~ achievement sia. on my way home juz now, i saw valerie!! =D like 1 year didnt see her even though we juz live next block to each other!
and next monday is public holiday! make up class again? =/ i hope not...

last night did video! omg, only the 3 of us! super tiring... and i cant wait to watch "We Got Married"! i heard that Alex and Shin Ae left again... like sad la, the original 4 couples left with 1 pair - CrownJ & InYoung. Hyun Joong and Huang Bo isn't too bad, i guess if not for AlShin, Ant & Witch, lettuce couple, i won't be watching le... ): miss the original one lo..

currently listening to Andy's "Love Song" & Alex's "Flower Pot"... been looking for the songs since the ep they sang it (:

pic credit to Su Ping!!
Tampines McDonald got burnt due to the shop next door... =X 1 less McDonald to go in Tampines Central ):

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