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jeudi, octobre 02, 2008

♥ week

quick update!
juz finished watching "On the First Beat" - HK drama which was broadcasted very very long ago on cable tv.
it's the sequel of "The Academy" and i really really like the shows (: 30 episodes luh, chiong and fell sick again. gee! the couples in the first show won't tgt in the 2nd show, which is a bit sad.. Pak Kiu's gf - fiona died in the 2nd episode ): Man's gf - Fa went to Japan to study and that man had a change of heart la! ): super angry sia. their sergeant's wife died in the end ): oh man! i luv HK dramas! gee!
been busy playing facebook, hahaha! mob wars and mesmo tv~ i only left 1 week plus to play! aiyo, so fast...
did video for both services on sunday, i didn't do much (: and we had a bday celebration for uncle melvin! haha! million thanks to our head of events and planner - Jemima!! (: she compiled the pics and stuffs to a DVD, gonna see it later today~! must sign up for GEMS next week~ thinking of doing math and puzzle + intro to french - that's if i need to get 2 gems luh..
okayyy i think i'll update another day~

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