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jeudi, octobre 09, 2008

♥ WGM - we got married

LOL hooked up to this korean variety show - We Got Married (WGM)! it is still on-going and it's not gonna end that soon!
4 predetermined (as in participants don't choose who their partner is, but the pairings are set up by the PD) couples are allotted a certain amount of money ($20, $40, etc) to prepare dinner for themselves. The participants try to portray themselves as a real life couple and go out together to buy groceries for dinner. It then follows them to a mock home where they prepare the dinner and eat. In between scenes there are interviews with the participants asking questions like what they feel about their partner and what they like or don't like about him/her. The actual date together as a couple and the interviews are all prefilmed and the participants and MCs watch it all back. At the end, each side of the couple privately chooses if he/she would stay together with his/her partner or not.

juz finished watching episode 10 where the arrival of 2 new couples juz settled in. my fav couple is not andy's or alex's or crownj's! LOL, mine is Don Don! LOL.. just watching episode 7 made me laughed so much la. he literally copied alex by using polaroid camera, and their first shot was so LOL, pengz la! but other shots were nice la, though that whole episode is really copy and paste from the other couples.. it's a pity that alex also left after episode 8 cos of other commitments): oh manz.. there's still another 18 episodes more to chiong =X ahhaha, gonna get more ppl to watch this variety show. the 2 new couples are dunno what's their name.. it's a jie-di r/s and the host of the show just got married too! LOL! go youtube watch~

man, school's reopening next monday le... managed to sign up for math & puzzle + french~ whee! hahaha! i realised my french gems t'cher is the same as my wed french, hahaha, i shall own the class with my tre bian francais! xD hahhahha! can bang against the wall liao..

2 more days to the end of holidays~ (: no more boring days~
mon is from 10-5 ):
tues is from 9-4 - still 7 hrs mah
wed is from 8-5:30 - sian
thur is from 8-5 - GG!
fri is from 9-12 - OMG, TGIF!!

4 long days consecutively, dunno whether can tahan sia!! for the sake of GPA 4.0.... *if i can't, then i must!*... blah blah die die also must...

the 3 couples that celebrated 100 days anniversary tgt (: my fav couple not inside liao LOL!

this note is RMB or TW?

lucky not rupiah~

8 nov is BTT =X haven't prepared anything yet, GG luh!

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