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vendredi, novembre 07, 2008

♥ busy week

left school ard 11:15 this morning, when my class starts at 9~ (: hahaha! shiok~ installed pro-e to computer but couldn't figure to use it, till i realised today tat i needed to log in to my P account before using.
had tennis after school ytd~ hahaha, the 3 gals were slacking cos there was an additional of 4 girls. learnt back hand today, hand aching la.
had GEMS presentation ytd too, 2 of my group mbrs presented~ i dare to say our group's presentation was really one of the best la. =D
realised that it's gonna be a busy week next week, i think it's plainly cos a lot of stuffs clash at the same time.
for eg. next wed at 3pm, i have french lesson, ITP talk + briefing, SPAC2GO briefing. and at 5-6pm, going to donate blood. cos wanted to donate blood since june, i think, but was having a cold and ate medicine. so this semester is from wed to fri. thurs got tennis, friday got math test, left wed lor. didn't noe so many thingy will happen that day.. juz some blabberings..
bye, shld do pro e now..

happy birthday michelle! (:


SPOCS website is up again~ (: loved and missed the times in Philippines when i read thru the website sia.. gee, saw robert and han song earlier~
ahhhhhh, missed the nights when ev'one just gathered for star gazing and gossiping chatting about everything and anything.
missed the laughters and joy we had there.
missed the ignorance of the language - si gi na!
missed the people and food.

i wanna go back to Philippines but i know the feeling won't be the same as the first time ): haiz... oh God.. how...

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