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dimanche, novembre 02, 2008

♥ church

i really wanna blog about many many things, but i can't rmb the stuffs.. (after typing the whole post)

i started Sports Elective Programme - tennis last thurs. really feel stress sia, cos i really dun like to play this kind of hitting games, like badminton, tennis, squash. yeah.. from 5-7pm, super tired. den played again on fri afternn at 1-3! so HOT, got sun burnt just like that. will be practising again next tues morning, thurs afternoon. and will play wii tennis on fri afternns (: HA!

it was pre-teens' farewell party today, joined in the fun and game i.c did a great job in the games. feel like i'm havin camp la. lol, no la. but the last part where we played w barbie uno card, LOL! boys playing uno with those cards! Dx
just now after evening service, went for dinner w blessing, sis, jem and her family at coffeeshop near church. coincidentally, we saw blessing's family and our parents at the coffeeshop. LOL. and on my way home, saw jonathan on the bus! LOL.

ytd was youth activity. we met up at amos' place to do our makan. ha, super suay.. woke up at 7 plus when it was still raining.. went to NTUC near house yet dun have the things needed. went to TM but NTUC only opens at 9! i was thr at 850. ): cut long story short, great time there. ha! went to church for board games. we played uno, but this time more exciting games like "Go Fish", "Trading game", etc.. oh my, i feel bad la. is like, i didn't spend time with any of my net mbrs in the end! =X aiyaaaaa. den went for edge. felt that i needed smth. :)

i haven't done my tutorial yet, due tmr at 10am. oh man, i hope i can finish on the train to sch.. or mb do now?
gna help out in CGS vid tmr. so i hope i can really dun fall asleep in class.
got french make up class this tues until 730pm, smtimes i feel like giving up but i cannot!!!
wed got that options talk and i'll do Pro E at 10am!!
thurs is GEMS presentation! :( so FAST! sch until 7.
haiz, fri is free? TGIF!
and sat is alr my BTT and there's Care and Share~
sun is... ... ...
is a long long list la. haiz, i need to study..

but i need to pack my table, oh no, when can i clear. wednesday?... i said this since my exams ended in august. ):

and i kind of gave up watching "We Got Married" cos Alex and Shinae are leaving the game already. and the Original Couples were the really fun ones! and HuangBo! but ever since there started adding in new couples and etc, it gets kinda mundane le. the only original couple is Ant Couple which is still progressing and there's definitely changes in them, but they just keep fighting until it's kinda = sian le. Lettuce Couple is still going on but the time for them seems to have shortened. Ep 31 isn't subbed yet, so i can't watch also. now, i planning to watch "Family Outing"! it's the same concept as "WGM" but i think the best thing is tat there won't be any elimination or addition which is a good move~ "FO" 's viewers' rate is so also twice of "WGM" le. haiz, super disappointed in the couples' programme. T^T

the chicken franks!

sean "playing" the organ.. LOL. i was deceived by him twice!

shelling the eggs!

done with the nuggets :)

mission accomplished!


finally a long wordy post (:
bonne nuit~! = good night! sleeping le~

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