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samedi, novembre 29, 2008

♥ DME 2B 09

oh man, i can't get into the study mode and had been facing my laptop for the past 4 hours! OMG! so gonna die! but really wna update a little about my class~!
it only consist of 13 students, which is very little for a Teaching Factory class! 2 girls, 11 guys. - 2 from Myanmar, 1's a Indonesian, 3 are Malaysian, the rest (7 of us) are Singaporeans - 4 malays and 3 Chinese.
i think this class is the most -.-" kind la.

everyday, LW would make the same comments to boon. and when i mean everyday, it means every single day!!! "boon like daisy", "shut up la boon", "f*** u la boon", "pud pud" (the sound of fart actually) it's very predictable... den boon would defend himself by calling LW "kiosai" cos LW's weird email add is *******_kiosai... which is LOL! this LW guy will bring newspapers to class everyday, - StraitsTime and BusinessTimes. but the thing is the way he holds the newspaper is darn retarded la.

boon is our class rep, sabo-ed for 2 sems le. whenever lecturers ask "who's the class rep?", whole class will go "BOON". then another 2 classmates alw ji xiao boon by calling him gorilla or monkey or etc... alw said he was born on the causeway, tt kind of thing la. the funniest thing which happened recently was the math test (which makes me feel so pissed off)... this boon was mentioning about the test during tutorial class, then JY suddenly said some stuffs which resulted the class to burst out laughing! bcos 1 of our lecturer told us this particular "hole" story during 1st week of sem, so happened that he said twice cos he was our lecturer for 2 sems.

you were walking along the street, you see a hole in front, you fell into the hole, the hole was deep, you took a long time getting out of the hole.
you were walking along the street, you see the same hole in front, you fell into the hole again, the hole was deep, you took time getting out.
you were walking along the same street, you see the same hole, you fell into the hole again, this time you got out quicker.
you were walking along the same street, you see the same hole, you avoided the hole by walking beside it, you walked on to the next street.

so this JY told boon "you see a hole in front of you, you fell into the hole....." by then the whole class rmbed that story and laughed non-stop! it meant smth like, you had a choice to choose. suay, boon chose the one which wasn't a hole, a tunnel downwards in the end.

it seemed as if we put into practice of what we learnt during lectures!
eg. this hole story (Advanced Machining, CNC) , use your finger and Normally Open, Normally Closed (for Industrial Automation's Practical), tick - pronounced as take (Pro E), UMA - or umah? the ex MP for some where (Thermofluids), during PLC also have!

2 days ago was Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) test, held in the LT. super funny!!!! cos my lecturer alw talk cock during lectures and practical, the most recent joke was about his wife's name. called bee hoon, surname Ang!! LOL, den her mom alw called her kuay teow! so on thurs, while doing the test, JL's table suddenly broke and juz left him stunned. the broken table created a commotion by my lecturer again. he purposely took a photo of it and then commented that it must be dan who sat on it first that's why it broke. so we were all laughing and etc and then when lecturer walked down, he nearly tripped =X so after 2 moments of silence, we heard someone farted Dx and it was from our class. we all started laughing again cos tt person farted not during the laughter and commotion earlier on but during the silence. lecturer came up again and we told him abt the fart incident. den he faced his ass towards mio and said "pud pud" which caused dan to LOL literally for the next 5 minutes! and all these happened during the test which was only 1 hr short for so many questions! Dx

cos mio went back to myanmar durin the sch holidays to become a monk and shaved the head. den when he came back to class, we tot he went NS or smth. LOL. so dan alw ji xiao mio by saying dun disturb mio, later he chant den u fall sick (smth along the line). so PLC t'cher also ji xiao mio esp that pud pud incident la.

okay, i cant go on le, cos i spent 1 hr typing this post =/

the best thing abt TF class is, no FYP to think! =D and our mechanics lecturer was mentioning that the TF and CIE (Creative, Innovative and Enterprise) students are the "jeep". which was like what the heck is it. GEP la. which i dun think so la. ha, main reason to this option : No FYP. sounds stupid ):

*disclaimer: all names mentioned were juz acronyms or nicknames only. no real names!

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