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mardi, décembre 23, 2008

♥ busy week again!

this week is gonna be another busy week ):
monday was a meet up at bedok at 12nn to get some stuffs, den went to CDC to apply for my FTT date and a Provisional Driving License (PDL). after i got a no (396, it was 374 at that time) for FTT, went to get no for PDL, (104, it was 64 at that time!) after waiting for 1 hour for FTT, went up and thankfully it was only at queue no. 100! after that, went to tamp 800+ to get some wrappers and stuffs. den went to TM to jalan on my own b4 meeting parents & sis. got another queue no for the Starhub and it was another long wait =/ was supposed to meet church peeps to get for gift exchange for the party tonight, but i couldn't find them /= LOL. so i went to buy some rubbish lo. it was a very very coincidental night. within duno 2 hours, we saw ard 8 familiar faces! yi si, wei shane, olivia, wei gin, sylvia, marcus, ian, sis serene. LOL. i dun get to meet so many ppl on a normal day la.
tues! shld be gg to catch "Yes Man" later on, b4 going to christmas party. not done writing the cards yet =X gotta rush!
wed: tentative idea is to have an ex-net gathering! =D
thurs: on video duty for Christmas production, slack in the afternoon?
fri: Bday party in the evening (:
sat: Edge b4 gg for family dinner~
sun: on pre-teens discipling~
next mon : sch reopen!! OH NO!

things to do:
mechanics E learning
ITP test
Pack room

aiya, GG la!

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