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dimanche, décembre 21, 2008

♥ combo

this weekend was full action packed. totally. and a spoiler on saturday, i failed FTT ): super sad, but God has His ways! like seriously, after i thought thru that failure, i realised that it's definitely God's plans ;D
had morning nursery this morning! (: there weren't many babies cos it's probably Dec (babies and children gets sick) then had evening video, which was quite slack too, cos it was live in CCK (: and we had enough manpower! Thank God and everyone!
carolling on thurs, oh well! Dx den had My Hope Singapore on friday. kristen can cook nuggets very well! =D i salute ppl who can cook nuggets well ^^ haha! and went to the zoo with huishan! finally managed to chiong to watch all the shows. lol.

happy belated birthday to Joluene! (19th)
happy belated birthday to Nash! (20th)
happy birthday to Audrey! (21st)
happy birthday to SIMON TAN (22nd) - he's finally back from Timor Leste! 1 year exactly (plus minus a few days) he came back during March, but i was in Philippines =D haha!

Last but not least :

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance :)

2009 resolutions:
i realised i dun work towards my resolutions, on the contrary, i work better w/out goals and resolutions. So.... i'm just gonna be a phlegmatic and be easy-going (:

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