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mardi, décembre 30, 2008

♥ new year

oooo juz rmb-ed the song which the CW kids were singing at the Christmas' production~

Christmas is the time
Christmas is the time(x2)
Christmas is the time to love (repeat)

Maybe things don’t sound,
right or look the way they should
And maybe they’re not perfect in tune
It really doesn’t matter
That keeps our eyes above
Is Christmas is the time to love.

We often start to worry,
and people get upset
If things don’t all gone right on Christmas day
What we should remember,
in order push and shore
Coz, Christmas is the time to love.

back to sch ytd, got back test papers and etc.. very happy cos at least i passed =D cnc was ahhh, kinda sad yet glad that i did much better than ADMI! mechanics was shock, tot i will fail la. and PLC test was at least okay, mcq was the killer. CADD/pro e test was super lucky, my class got the really easy paper, most of us had abv the 90 range. even the most unexpected had 99%!! thank God! =D

tmr got no sch!! =D and i was complaining to ev'one that i've got class from 8am-5pm on new year's eve. cos my lecturer is on mc, so 8am-10am class cancelled. week 12 is even week, so no practical at 10am-12nn. tmr is NYE so is 1/2 day! so i got no GEMS & french class! :) quite a waste actually. but it all came to place properly! :) oh ya, and i nid to do ITP online quiz by this year, which is tmr. (i did it alr! 11/20 phew! ;D)

it's been a long year.
fruitful, new challenges, changes, stress...
"Happy New Year!"
"What's there to be happy? it's juz another year, another day, not as if we'll get a pay increase, etc..."
that spoiler lecturer who ruined the entire "happy new year" statement which was significant to me.
this is my 88th post of 2008, that's like so little actually :) hahaha, really got a lot of 8 xD
saw my 2008 resolutions, not a single one accomplished/fulfilled/done. pathetic right.
ups and downs throughout the year.
faith dampened, heavily burdened, weak. too tiring and depressing year.
2009 isn't gonna be any better, not in the pessimistic way, as in the day is really drawing nearer. not about the 2012 thingy which is circulating, it might happen that year, but the urgency, i'm really fearful.

i'll be 19 years old ):

i'm leaving everything to God's hands starting from 2009
//i really feel like writing NY resolutions but i won't be able to accomplish them la!//

au revoir 2008 (:
hope u enjoyed ur stay, though i kinda miss the 080808 which i anticipated for so many years.

p/s. happy birthday to gay (:
happy belated birthday to maggie~

God shows & teaches me love at...
8:25 PM

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