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samedi, décembre 13, 2008

♥ WGM - we got married (Dx)

ahhhh! still been watching the k variety show - we got married.
the lettuce couple are leaving the show (finished filming in nov le) and the final episode of them is tmr!! 14 dec =( really enjoyed them even though i felt awkward initially.

and and and, the ant couple are also leaving the show by Jan. they will finish filming by the end of Dec. ): still rmb-ed how much i dislike SIY attitude and etc during the 1st few episodes. She kept showing "da xiao jie pi qi" towards Crown J, but they turned out to be the couple which made a drastic change and also staying for the longest!

That means all the Original Couples have left the show completely ):

Hyung Don & Saori, Lee Hwi Jae & Jo Yeo Jeong, Andy & Solbi, Alex & Shin Ae, Kim Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo and now Seo In Young & Crown J ):
ahhh, really really miss them!

the other 2 couple will continue on and there's probably gonna be new couples bah.

i have a gut feeling that after Ant Couple finishes their last epi, i won't chase after this show le. ): i think this show has its novelty but it doesn't give a good wrapping. it leaves the couples and audience kinda hurt and sad. cos these make-believe couples just leaves like that due to filming for their future dramas, or gg to America for recuperation & music production, etc. then the audience is juz left to watch the "sad separation" or divorce. ):

i'm gonna watch "Family Outing" instead! =D hahahah! it's the same concept as WGM, reality show but at least this don't have departure or etc, and the viewership has taken over WGM at their (less than 10th) episode! WGM initially had very good viewership also, but it dropped lo...

K dramas are darn good to watch! =D
2 more weeks of sch holidays~
2 projects to do ):

PS. can u imagine going to school on a new years' eve for class? and wednesday classes is from 8am to 5:15pm!!

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