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vendredi, janvier 09, 2009

♥ 400th post = super tired

hooray, this is my 400th post in blogger! after 4-5 years :) hahaha!

it's been a long and tiring week~
last sat - video set up
last sun - video at expo, tear down, set up and evening video
mon - went to airport to send pastor kenny & family in the morning, going to Japan to lead a church there for 3 yrs (: den went to sch w amos and nic cos our class coincidentally all start at 10am, den reached home 5 plus and cant rmb wad i did..

tues - class at 9am, lecturer came only at 10am cos he forgot he had class with yr 2, i shld had slept an extra hour! =/ had dry run for SPAC2GO at 5, went on bus route A and B till 6.. den chiong to church for prayer and fasting~ thank God i made the decision to go, really good. prayed for repentance, personal repentance, and we were supposed to confide to another person abt our sins. reached home at 10 plus?..

wed - class at 8am to 5:15pm. math in the morning, totally forgot how to do math and test is next fri!! mech practical which ended pretty fast, and lunch with denise and cheryl! super long since i had lunch with both of them! :) den had french GEMS, topic was on Le Sport.. main focus on Tennis! i was so motivated to learn during GEMS!! but.... i fell asleep during his lecture, slide no. 15? i woke up when he was playing Tennis videos, and slide no. 41 - last one. wahhhh GG la. and Jean-Pierre is pronounced as "John-Peer". den went for French class, so this time i told myself not to sleep~ learnt about Time / heures~ ha! interesting cos he can finally rmb all of our names! :) den was talking to this girl about her GEMS and etc, super drama la! her project mates are my ex-buddy classmates.. den went to church to do video, very pain for the back cos chair got no back de. but yeah, reached home ard 9 plus~

thurs - ytd! class at 8am to 7pm! and i got 6 mosquito bites when i woke up! ): didn't managed to go for Prayer and Fasting cos of tennis luh. had GEMS in the morning, freezing cold cos of the really chill wind luh.. then had thermo and math lecture. and i actually slept thru!! OMG ): i woke up in b/w to copy notes n was selective hearing - no thermo lectures next week. LOL. but i guess i can nv understand what i wrote for math and thermo. den had CNC milling pract, cool.. class ended ard 2pm only~ 3 hrs to slack! printed out GEMS french notes and juz literally slack at com lab la. tennis was GG also la, the standard was actually quite ok, den i think now sure increase luh.. reached home ard 8 plus~

fri - today! mech lecture in the morning, den thermo practical.. wah, really a lot of things to do, cos we were doing 2 experiments today. den went to SPINNOVEX to look ard though TF (Teaching Factory) students dun hafta bother actually. (yay!) den went for SPAC2GO duty, kinda boring la but the ppl are great~ reached home at 5 :) earliest in the week! managed to get 50 min nap b4 net...

tmr got OH duty again.. =/ den straight to edge.
sun - willing offering! :) and gna mug EM3 and got video in the evening again~
mon - fri : back to sch + test on fri ):

super cool thing!

dragonboating was so tough la, and this was in sept 2007 - GYL camp!

super wordy...
gonna start 2009 differently totally. I can do all things through Christ and Counting on God! that's the best encouragement i ever needed cos i get demoralised super easily.
9th Jan 2009, neuf janvier deux milles et neuf~ 14 more months! to the end of POLY! feels so far, but i'm anticipating the stuffs which is gonna happen after POLY! seriously, no plans. lots of what ifs. but God has a plan for me ! :) 14 more months~

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