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mercredi, janvier 21, 2009

♥ found thumbdrive

(juz included post on 2/3)
I FOUND MY THUMBDRIVE! it's really drama-mama that whole day. even as i type this entry, i still can rmb the incident 40 days later!

i got to sch earlier and reached com lab ard 8am but the thumbdrive no longer there! like duh! 2nd time encountering it alr.. i was contemplating if i shld go to lvl 8 at the lost and found but i was so sure that it'll be like the last time - don't have! :(

so i went for class feeling super dejected cos i pia my CADD and GEMS for nothing literally. really can die. and i still rmb thinking if i shld send my CADD assignment to my email.. but alas, too late. wed was a full day, 8-5 straight. 715pm got prayer meeting also!

had mechanics practical that day, and it was the longest one lor... had French Gems and it was a revision lesson. den class ended at 3pm as usual and we did proj discussion for our French Fair the following week :( and so i decided to skip my 3-5pm french class :(

and i went to T1451 to do free access, but WTH! MOUSE NOT WORKING AT ALL!
so i went to T1474 and did my work for a while until 3:50pm when someone told me i didn't book the com and etc. the free access really got problem de.. so i was accused of pressing the shift key. so pissed off cos i couldn't extend to the next hour cos that darn person booked.
had to move to another lab, T1472. booked the com 23 - last one, but i realised it's the t'cher's one, so had to rebook to com 22 but i couldn't book, so i juz did the common style which ev'one does. den just as i wanted to start on my CADD assignment again, my MGP Gems proj friend called to ask for the proj report and ppt.

i did my ppt ytd but it's saved in my thumbdrive!! and i LOST IT!! so i had to redo ppt and do report like ASAP. chiong like nobody's business.. managed to finish PPT by 6pm cos lvl 7 com lab closes at 6!! OMGGG.. but i couldn't log out from the com cos suddenly lagged..

wahh... so i had to book com again to level 5!! but then, the FAS showed me a screen which i reckon only a minority ppl of SP ppl will get.. "You Have Been Blacklisted From Free Access System" wth... den how to do my CADD work?! really wanted to bang head against the wall also. haven't finish GEMS report, CADD tutorial, still gg t church. wahh. felt like totally giving up cos i hated this kinda situation.

bargained with God (oh no.. shldn't do it..) that if ev'thing juz go well (though i felt it was impossible), i'll go for prayer mtg.

by then the FAS thingy was super irritating, blacklisted blacklisted. why am i the only suai one getting blacklisted when i'm still a yr 2 student! i'm sure ppl pressing the shift key for their whole entire SP lives had nv encountered blacklisted on FAS! ok, i learnt we shldn't mai yuan, grumble and etc..

and so i decided to go to T1481 to ask for that blacklisted thing but first thing which i asked was my thumbdrive! ?!?! and..... it was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and managed to solve the blacklisting thingy and i went for prayer mtg straight after that!

hahaha.. i think because of my own thinking in the morning, resulted to such drama the whole day. literally. moral of the day - just obey what the Holy Spirit burdens u. for me that day is to go to T1481. God had to plan such a draggy day cos of my foolish thinking, but it's good cos my faith leveled up that day =D hahaha!

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