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vendredi, janvier 30, 2009

♥ french fair, ftt

(posted on 2/3)
French Fair.. omg.. super drama before the Fair itself.. we did on TENNIS! hahahah~
the least crowd time~ ard 2 plus alr..

super nice booths~ (:

my group! heh~

heh. i took this pic for a reason~ cos their food very nice~ hahaha~ =X

aiya, only regret of the day is we didn't take pic with our French t'cher :( ahhhh he teach me 1 year of french, and i havent taken a pic of him yet leh!! not even secretly take pic lor! wahhh damn qui... anyways, super thanks to all who came and supported! hahaha! =D wahhh, w/out u all arh, i think our group like cmi sia...

and our laminated MGP gems bookmarks on thurs :)

and i passed Final Theory Test (FTT) :) yay! after 2nd attempt! preparing to learn driving when sch holi starts, more committed by then.. (: i seriously think it's the purple nails that's y i pass~

a never-ending list

*note. yes, i'm taking 2 Gems this sem.. dun get confused :) cos DME TF yr3A is 8 core modules straight. so yr2B must take 2 Gems if don't wanna get too stress the following sem. ^^x

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