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mardi, janvier 27, 2009

♥ happy cny + sassy girl~

happy CNY again~

reunion dinner at home :)

vitasoy at grandma house! a must-drink at grandma house~

bro, sis, mom~ at St Joseph's Home..

carpark near uncle's house..

i managed to finish watching "Sassy Girl, Chun Hyang" korean drama again!
:) 24 episodes long, very draggy but still good enough to watch. some parts are really touching, i think the show can juz revolve among 7 main actors & actresses la..
French Fair tmr! i haven't bought the boards yet and popular bookstore alr closed on sunday at 5pm ):
p/s. i think i got the most weirdest proj mate in my whole entire life. ):

happy 21st birthday Cheryl! (26th Jan!)

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