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jeudi, janvier 01, 2009

♥ new year

1 Jan 2009!

watchnite was great, i mean, i finally enjoyed WN. the activities, food, people, sermon was really great.
counting on God!

When we focus on difficulties, past experiences or impossibilities we can’t see clearly the future God intends for us.
A. focus on God’s Word
B. focus on what God CAN do
C. focus on God as the solution to your situation

haha, juz read an article that New Year Resolutions can be bad for our mental health.
Making self-improvement New Year's resolutions often leaves people feeling worse, the British mental health charity Mind has warned

yeah, i'll feel more pressurized..

very happy! this week got no class at 8am :) hahaha!
tmr is at 9am, den got make up lecture at 12, den gt mtg at 4pm. ):

sat - video set up at expo!
sun - video, all day literally

God shows & teaches me love at...
10:27 PM

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