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vendredi, janvier 30, 2009

♥ polaroid pogo

not an advertisement!

i thought having a Polaroid OneStep instant Camera was good enough,

never did i knew that there was actually another model which has Self-Timer (also used in "We Got Married")-Polaroid One600.
Just when my attention has diverted to Fuji Instax 200/7/7s,
i just found out on Polaroid.Com that they juz "made" a new DIGITAL INSTANT CAMERA called the Polaroid PoGo!

it's like super COOL can.
1) it's a digital camera of 5MP (kinda sad luh)
2) can crop & print out instantly which will come out in 1 minute
3) can bluetooth from YOUR hp to the camera, and it prints out almost immediately!
4) transfer file from another digital camera and PRINT FROM POLAROID CAMERA
5) the zink paper is super cool, it's like neoprint, where u can peel the stickers out. YES, THIS ZINK PAPER DOES THIS TOO! ZINK = Zero INK~ just imagine sticking your picture anywhere!
6) it's available in PINK too! ;D

it's so COOL, i wanna get it!

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