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samedi, janvier 24, 2009

♥ tests

this week is finally gone! it started off well but ended with regrets la. i was so engrossed in my 8% assignment - whr it's impossible to get full marks, than to revise (note! it's revise! i studied on sunday!!) 15% test which will defi get full marks. i'm so dumb! ):

was discussing on msn abt French Fair last night.. i think it's the longest discussion in my entire msn life. first time can discuss abt proj for so long =X
my exam schedule's out alr, all morning papers and nicely spread out PLUS last paper on monday! (: mega good! thank God! and i will study triple hard for thermofluids 2 - my 15% test ): no more A T^T

jia you!! =D for all my tests, projs, exams!

happy chinese new year~ (:

p/s. I FOUND MY THUMBDRIVE! THANK GOD! mega long story abt how i got it back, i think this week of sch can become a movie alr.. 1st time so many things happend, like tv drama sia.

(posted on 2/3)
thurs GEMS was wahhh.. thankfully over, but we had another 10% assignment to do.. and then had tennis test that day also.. cried over it..
fri was D day. thermo test. shit. totally. (i had 16/50 in the end) CADD assessed tutorial suck also. totally. class ended ard 5 plus that day.. then reached home ard 6 and slept at the sofa until 8pm exactly for net. then had MSN discussion for French Fair. totally -*. started ard 11pm and ended ard 1 plus. where we spent 1/2 hr quality time discussing. weird member. super tired and i havent bathed yet. so i faster zhao la. hahaha. but our conclusion was.. weird.. won't indulge much :) heh..

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