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mardi, janvier 20, 2009

♥ thumbdrive ):

been really busy these few days... stayed back in sch till 6 plus to do CADD assessed tutorial and i'm done with the 3D drawing! :) heh! but............ I FORGOT TO TAKE MY THUMBDRIVE FROM THE CPU! it's still in the computer lab? i dunno :( AHH!! and i've finished animating GEMS ppt and I FORGOT TO BRING HOME MY THUMBDRIVE AGAIN!! and the assessed tutorial is worth 8%!!!! i cannot afford to lose those marks! cos my CADD test 2 sure CMI :(
i noe i'd been contemplating of getting a new thumbdrive, but i never expect to lose my thumbdrive when assignment due date is so near!! ):< AHHH!
oh God, pls dun let the thumbdrive run away, hope it stayed overnight at the CPU so that it will still be in the classroom. if not i have to skip class tmr to finish the assignment which is due this fri! ):

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