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lundi, février 23, 2009

♥ last day of sch

(posted on 2/3 again)
to continue the day i left off.

11/02: had math lecture and tutorial in the LT!! then had French Gems written test.. 40% - 50 MCQ, 4 SAQ. lol, skipped French again cos i haven't went for French for the past 2 weeks! and really cmi if i go for the test la.

12/02: no class that day, stayed home and rot before starting mugging Engineering Math 3. achievement.

13/02: went to SPCC to mug, freezing cold.. did more math from 9 plus in the morning to 7pm sharp. stress. cldn't understand integration by parts. had net that day too~ ehh i think we sang a capella for worship.. LOL, pai sei la, super zhao xia! hahaha...

14/02: mugged at home again..

15/02: had video duty in the morning b4 returning home again to mug even more.. math really made me mad la.

16/02: went to SPCC again at 8 plus in the morning and super determined to study finish ev'thing.. Cheryl and i stayed overnight at T15 with her friends too.. super tiring.. slept a while and etc.. bathed at the stadium too..

p.s. tis is taken in the morning lor!

17/02: Engineering Math exam!! =/ GG :( totally. then had lunch at T15 before starting on Mechanics. yes, we actually continued studying in sch even after the ton the previous night! LOL. but in the end, both of us juz slept at the table. really drool sia.. but stayed overnight at home to mug mechanics..

18/02: stayed at home and continue on Mechanics.. wahh.. super good..

19/02: went to SPCC at 9 plus again to mug. look super real la..

after mugging till 5 plus, we went to mediacorp for the S.H.E TV recording..
heh. that's Selina.. super tough to secretly take picture sia..

reached home at 12:15am after having mac at TM. then ton overnight again cos mechanics paper is at 9am!

20/02: Mechanics paper.. GG also.. :( sad. my calculations for past year papers keep getting wrong, i reckon my exam itself won't be any better :( after having lunch in sch with cheryl, denise and her friend, we continued mugging at SPCC. i told Cheryl to wake me if i were to lie on the table cos i will defi sleep. i lied and she did wake me. in the end i fell asleep (expected) and she wake me again. i was so annoyed that i showed black face again.. LOL.. den i drooled on my SP jacket. damn sian, so stink some more lor.. Denise gave me Cranberries to eat, super nice!

den had Mission Net Rally in church.. LOL.. reached church kinda early and helped do set up.. LOL.. super frantic also, cos playback had no sound.. went home and started on Thermofluids.

21/02: super determined to study and do well cos i did badly for Thermo test 2. wanted to go for edge, but i slept ard 2 plus to 4 again. but thermo was my motivation! ahh.. stayed awake overnight again, looked totally shagged on sunday.

22/02: heng got nursery in the morning, if not i will sleep during service..

super tired and went home to study until 6 plus in the evening.. slept all the way to 11! OMG! only left less than 10 hours to do last min prep.. haiz..

23/02: thermofluids exam... den just before the exam started, our class rep suddenly just "announced" that "after exam got class gathering at Pizza hut" LOL! then we gave the super blur + WTH look cos so last min.. LOL.. tot i was very confident for the paper, it turned out that the tricky & tough qns were the e/f questions and the last qns! then we waited for ev'one after the exam - actually is our class rep, he last one to come out. then suddenly his fren told him to go somewhere and both of them left.. class stunned for 2 min sia.. =.= den we went to Pizza Hut and waited for our class tutor to arrive..

hahaha.. we ordered hawaiian and BBQ chicken pizza.. then we left w 1 BBQ pizza so resorted to playing zong ji mi ma. i prayed so hard not to kena cos i didnt like BBQ. but.. i called out the no. 49. argh. i didn't eat in the end.. LOL.
thank God i can save lunch $$ :)
den went to CDC to check out TP test date and called up instructor. said to sign up online~ test date is on 9th June 2009! very nice no~ 090609, and coincidentally, my dad started working at SIA that very date more than 30 years ago! =D SP la! Sure Pass la!

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