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jeudi, février 05, 2009

♥ sch

=( bad, well bad.. these few weeks have been very very bad :( 3 more weeks. failed thermo test, probably won't do well for CADD the day b4 (i forgot to save my final 3D drawing), and PLC today either. core modules leh...

watched a French Movie - Paris, Je T'aime
, during French Gems on wed.. it was more for us to relax and not get too stress b4 the test next week.. but the show is really nice :) learnt some stuffs like, not supposed to look at people's eyes esp at the subway station in France!

finished 11 assignments/tests/projects in 3 weeks - almost ev'day or all on same day. 3 more weeks of 8 tests/projects/exams. i hate ICA. so what if i only have 3 exams to take, it's during the sch term which is super stress. totally shocked when i wrote down the list. 19 assignments, projects, tests, exams in 9 weeks this term, ev' week also got smth due. i've tried, really hard. but i'm sure my GPA will drop further more. au revoir to local uni. i can't work towards goals. darn myself.

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