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dimanche, mars 15, 2009

♥ big launch + meteor garden 2

class chalet on mon-wed, went on tues night.. hahaha... couldn't find a reason to go on monday la.. wah, i didn't know that aloha loyang chalet bungalow was so nice! :) hahaha, noob la.. heard that they were drinking on monday night, movie on tues afternn... LOL.. then BBQ at night~ and we watched Slumdog Millionaire! now i finally noe why the movie, actor and actress actually won in the Oscar! really nice show! all LOL-ed at the credits part... den we actually wallked to the 'Red House' after their swimming... 3 girls - pam and i dunno how to swim, cheryl juz bathed.. dunno what's Red house, but they said is haunted and etc... but we couldn't go in cos it was really blocked.. phew on one hand~ :)

i finally managed to chiong finish Meteor Garden 2 on fri!! =D wah, storyline is super lagi draggy sia!! i watched 31 episodes leh!! and it's ard 45 min each episode.. can die alr..
okay, the story is smth like this : (ignore reading if u've watched it alr... this is to sum up the show to prove it's not really worth watching after all... lol)

ShanCai & DaoMingSi went to Barcelona for a graduation trip aka their honeymoon.. den DMS bought a ring, most prolly to propose to SC and SC loved the ring alot (b4 he bot to surprise her).. den he drove to meet her in a church and den because the ring slipped off his fingers and dropped in the car, he tried finding it while driving (talk about Drink-Driving! this is more dangerous!) den ta-da... he got into a car accident with YeSha~! and so YS brought him to hospital but he lost his memories le...
from epi 1 - 14 : everyone (as in all the commentors on YouTube) cursed and swear at YeSha for being the 3rd party, blah blah... epi 13/14 - SC FINALLY FOUND DMS!! OMG, SO LONG!

from epi 14 - 23 : YeSha wanted to give up DMS because he's SC's bf and SC is also her friend - talk abt coincidence! so she even had a pact with DMS's mom since YS also was going to die due to some sickness. that's when everyone (commentors again..) said : aiyo, YS so sad, blah blah, and hope DMS recover...

from epi 23 - 28 : DMS told SC that he will never love ShanCai even if he recovers.. gua gua gua.. then SC finally gives up...

epi 29 : DMS FINALLY RECALLS EV'THING... haiz.. lagi long.. wants to return to SC but YS professed her love for him, and he found out that YS is sick too.. haiz.. SC leaves for vacation to R&R.. DMS goes after SC but found SC and Lei kissing! :( sian..... another draggy part again... haiz... + mega tears..

epi 30 : another draggy part... got a lot of sad scenes from MG1, YS went back to her palace (cos she's actually a princess omg) blah blah..

epi 31 : 15 min show nia.. : Happy Ending in Barcelona again :) FINALLY...

i felt as if i wasted my life on this show, Meteor Garden is definitely the nicer part of HYD la.. okay, i'll finish watching HYD FINAL -movie!! Jap version - Dao Ming Si's mom actually approves of Shan Cai and both got engaged :) ooo yay, finally a proper ending...

anyway! today (or ytd...) was the BIG LAUNCH!
the edge had a major revamped! not only the lyrics at the projector, live video is now available, they finally made TheEdge T-shirt for once in the whole 7 years (smth which i tot i had in my cupboard =/) and the website is up again :) THE EDGE!
okay, gotta go off to sleep~ service is at Jurong West~! whee! no video duty tmr =) got nursery in the evening... =/ LOL..


OMT!! i just did a little research on F4 - hahaha.. cos so addicted to Boys Over Flowers la..
firstly - it's no longer called F4 but JVKV. which means Jerry, Vanness, Ken, Vic, by order of age la.. cos of copyright issue due to 'Boys Over Flowers'. so sad, miss the 'F4' days! Japanese are really scaredy cats la, it's always after Taiwanese produced the drama series (Meteor Garden, Hana Kimi) den the jap would produce.. is as if taiwanese is the guinea pigs lor...

secondly - all 4 of them are actually doing quite well leh, even though it seems as if they've disbanded cos got no news of them... Ken published cooking book + acting + CD (i think i bot it sia), Ken actually studied in Singapore! :) and check out his languages... -.-"

Vanness, Jerry, Vic - acting, dancing, singing... i also didn know sia..

thirdly - ZaiZai look so darn handsome now!! no more pretty face =D

hehehehe! ;D actually reminds me of Show Luo Zhi Xiang!!

JVKV!! and vic really dun look like lei anymore!

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