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jeudi, mars 05, 2009

♥ lazing at home

:) woot! it's been a long long time since i laze around at home practically wasting electricity ev'day! anyways, been watch K drama as usual!

still rmb this hot favourite taiwanese drama in 2001?! hahaha~ meteor garden!

the only thing i rmb about the show is the OST - Qing Fei De Yi & Liu Xing Yu! oops =/ and definitely Shan Cai, Dao Ming Si.. still rmb cursing and swearing at SC cos she liked both DMS and Zai Zai, darn greedy la..

the korean has also produced the drama after the success of Taiwanese's. 'Boys Over/Before Flowers'! sounds gay though..

Dao Ming Si or Goo Jun Pyo look super alike! but Jerry Yen's body looks better la.. haha! couldn't recognise the names and looks initially, but cos all the hairstyle and personalities were the same as Meteor Rain (duh. same manga...) this version is more handsome =D

from left: Vaness, Ken, Jerry, Barbie, Zai Zai! (Meteor Garden version in K ver la..)

some really LOL parts like how Jan Di/Shan Cai gave the flying kick to JP.. how they give the red card, etc... although i kinda noe the ending already - thanks to taiwanese version, i still watch because of KIM HYUN JOONG!! Yes! He's the Lettuce Couple in 'We Got Married'!
sian, cos his role is so emo and kindhearted.. but really looked forward for his guitar and laughters cos really reminds me of Hwang Bo and himself at the mountain.. can't rmb which epi, but super touching.. =D hahaha! finished watching epi 17 le... it's a 24 episodes drama, and it's ongoing... ahhh, i hate to wait.. the only thing i hate abt K version is... the girls really can scream, cry and just ye man... or maybe it's just all the k dramas i happened to watch?... and i pei fu korean production.. cos they actually acts while the episodes are on screen! i mean, s'pore won't dare to take that risk bah..

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