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mercredi, mars 18, 2009

♥ results

:) haha, results out later today, nervous and worried but can't help it. later will emo at one corner..

i alw feel recharge after ev' tues after caregroup mtg! :) it's Him!

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Glorious, matchless in every way
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yay! 1st time in my SP life! NO Cs on my report card!! ;D and it's really a miracle! thank God!! this sem has 27 credits (which is a lot!!) and i have no Cs! :) finally, my best GPA (though it's only a slight difference......) oh God! why u so good!
edited (1246):

CNC - A [hooray!]
Gems (MGP)- A [double yay!]
Thermo - B [heng, but all cos of class test 2 if not can get A! :( ]
Gems (french) - B [bawl... no comments]
Mech - B+ [heng! i tot i will do badly sia!]
EM3 - B+ [never expected this too, cos i left section C2 blank (20% leh!)]
CADD - B+ [sad, super sad. all cos of test 2! i forgot to save my final work :'( and it's mega hard! really tot i can get A leh... :( ]

first time got an A for GEMS :) math games and puzzles. yeah, sounds so nerd but it's a sure can score lor! but french arh... no comments la... hahaha...
really hoped that i will get A for CADD and Thermo, but i kinda knew i CMI cos of my tests.... sad... real sad....
my additional French class result nv come out cos i pon 2 tests out of 4! LOL! hahaha, waste my $$ indeed but aiya, can't help it la, it's over...
my sem GPA improved! first time i can say the word improved! :) heh! and it's so far my highest (slightly higher than my yr1.1) - not best cos sure can get higher... hahaha.. i won't say it's cos i studied hard and etc, but God will multiplied my time (i could learn and understand topics faster) and good friends ard to help me! and lecturers to push my grades up (there's probably smth lidat mah...) though my dream and wish of going on to local uni might seem dimmer, i'll just leave it to God~ 1 more year in SP and idk where i will go~ but it's time to appreciate the present too~

i miss philippines! i overslept on the day of team spocs 2009 departure :(

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