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jeudi, mars 26, 2009

♥ sin - hatred

after watching the last episode of 5:30pm show today- Ou Xuan dancing with 2moro guy... can't rmb wat's the title though.. realised the ending was really sad, cos JianYi (2moro guy) headed to America with XiaoQian instead of going for Octoko with YoYo (Ou xuan). isn't it good that women are strong also? not physically, but mentally, etc. got the determination. because today's episode was mainly:
Yoyo broke her ankle a few days before the Octoko Competition, and OC was super impt to her cos she's determined to fulfil her mom's and her dream. even though she couldn't walk, and jianyi was willing to forfeit the chance, but she just didn't wanna give up. and the doc gave her an injection, to ease her pain. and thankfully, they actually managed to clinch 1st place!
and just cos of this, jianyi chooses xiaoqian over her :( cos he wants to care, protect and love his woman... are all guys like that? just cos their woman is more strong-headed and etc, they chooses another "weaker" woman? (i kinda reckon so leh...)
anw, i was kinda sad with the ending.. and it came to a point with.. "why i dislike ou xuan?" LOL! i dislike her since 2004/05 bah.. cos she reminds me of someone who i didn't like.. kinda innocent though.. thankfully LIW class t'cher mentioned abt an incident twice (happened to teach me twice..) -
t'cher was mentioning that someone went to Hell cos God brought him to see x2, he was shocked to see his mother-in-law in hell cos she was actually a good christian when she was living on earth! he asked God, "why?"... and so God said that she didn't forgive someone...
didn't pay attention to it until today! that's when i realised that i actually still hold unforgiveness towards that lookalike-ou xuan... thought i had forgiven after the encounter retreats... sadly, i arrowed to ou xuan la... lol.. okay, starting from today : cannot dislike ou xuan anymore! :)
and definitely the one who i didn't like.... oh God, pls help me....

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