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mercredi, avril 01, 2009


finally watched Boys Over Flowers finished!
darn, ep 24 immediately reminded me of Meteor Garden 2 where Dao Ming Si loses his memory! wth right!! i was so pissed off at the twist (yet again..) but thankfully, by ep 25, he recalls the same way as MG2.
Jandi purposely fell in the pool and he finally recalled the events on how Jandi saved him and vice versa~
i seriously suspect that the additional episode is mainly on JunPyo losing his memory! now i know why there's an additional episode! argh..
yet again, ep 25 is mainly on MG2 - minus Vanness part :( Junpyo proposed bah.. phew, i promise i'm not gonna watch BOF2 in 2 years time!!

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