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lundi, avril 13, 2009

♥ Good news singapore 2

Good News Singapore was awesome! totally! :)
1st night -
totally packed until the ushers and counselors had to give up their seats! more than 11,000 ppl came! totally amazed at the response cos some of us were still doubting that it will be filled with VFC people only. LOL! (argh, wanted to post some pics but i realised that with no focus, photos really ugly!) by 7pm, all the 4 sectors were filled! except 3 balconies! omg, we were in awe totally. or maybe me... did a lot of walking cos we haven't had dinner yet when GNS started, so during my shift, we went to had dinner and i kinda didn't hear the sermon.. :(

2nd night -
not so packed but yeah, awesome time that day. did the camera on the stage during the sermon part, and was totally hearing the gospel. so touched by the last one that Reinhard Bonnke shared.

a lady, Ann, was being auctioned and 3 people were bidding for her. so the judge looked to Satan and asked, "What can u provide for her when she's living on Earth?". Satan replied, "i can give her fame, money, (etc. can't recall the others sia..)". Judge was impressed and said "wow, that's great! i like the idea! but what will u do after she dies?". Satan said, "Oh, she will be in the Lake of Fire~". "What! No no! i will never allow you to do that, i will not let you bid for Ann!" the judge answered. The next bidder was the World. "What can you provide for her?" World replied, "fame, money, (i also can't recall le..)", "will you give her everlasting life?" judge asked. "What! of cos not! even the world will pass away, what more human, i can't give her everlasting life!" World replied. Judge again refused the bid of the World's and turned to Jesus, the last bidder. "What will you do for her after Ann dies? will you give her everlasting life?". "I will come down and bring her back to Heaven, where she will have eternal life. I will come down personally and take her with me." Judge said, "that's fantastic!"

and then it was alter call / those who wanted to receive Jesus in their hearts. it really strucked me that indeed Jesus loves each and everyone of us so much, we are actually very significant in His eyes.

stayed back till 12mn lidat cos Planetshakers were rehearsing for the morning service's. i only rmb-ed 2 names, LOL!

3rd day -
morning service at 10:30am, we were supposed to report at 8am, thank God UMA fetched us, can wake up at 7am.. which was only 4 hours plus sleep.. :( morning service was great. about the Holy Spirit. ahhh.. smth incredible/painful happened. the lady behind me fell backwards, but towards me, and actually hit me so greatly that i nearly fell off my row. my head, back and stomach area hurt a little. but thank God cos she and her friends accepted Christ immediately! i was wallowing in pain then.
GNS 3rd night was much much better! Planetshakers was there for the night one too! unexpectedly~ and Ps Daniel shared about how everyone is actually 1 step away from Hell, and 1 step away from Heaven. So true, we won't know when we will die. it's either you have Christ or not. Rev Bonnke also mentioned that salvation isn't ahead of us, it's running parellel with us all the while! miracles were seen once more. awesome, awesome. check out http://goodnewssingapore.com for the updates! and it's Rev Bonnke's 50th year of serving! Year of Jubilee! :) oh great!

indeed, smth like this had not happened in Singapore for a long time or even before. this crusade is more than an experience, it's indeed a life-changing moment for everyone - Believers or not, cos the seeds are planted! :)

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