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mercredi, avril 08, 2009

♥ rants

i can't help but grumble ): my eyes hurts... i hope it gets better tmr...
and i suck at doing GEMS registration today ): too complacent. really wanna make up by registering at 9am tmr, but got driving at 8:30 again...
still feel very uncomfortable over right eye... good thing is: i can finally see 1/2 of my double eyelid :)
this week is gonna be super full packed :) next week is the last week of sch holidays! so fast! :( ahhhh... i dun wanna study until 5pm ev'day...
i just realised that learning to drive is really expensive sia :( and my driving is still very slow, parking both vertical & parallel is super slow... and memory is super bad, always forgetting what's taught after a min or 2 :(
erm. i just realised smth. i'm left with 1, one, yi, satu, un, ichi, uno week to pack my room. erm, monday and thurs, is FOP and flagday. so.. 3 days? =/ OMT!
kinda worried that i cannot prioritise my time this semester cos i'm afraid that i cannot enter university with my 1/2 past 6 GPA by end of yr3 sem 1 + yr 3 in whole :(

do your best (like seriously: study, go church, really study and dun watch tv/play lesser on laptop, study, church, devotion, GOD), and God will do the rest :)

wna sleep, but i'm waiting for my energy pak (mafia wars) at 1am later.. heh.

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