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jeudi, avril 23, 2009

♥ sch

was super devastated when i couldn't find Les Miserables book in the library! : ( heng, yi mon & i went to sch library on monday and OMT, i actually found it! =D ha! read finish within 1 day! though it's really a smarter choice to be just content with wikipedia's info, cos it's really the summary of the book. thankfully i read it online first, if not i will give up sia.. really like literature book lor!
life actually revolves around Jean Valjean, story ended when he died. and it's not pronounced as 'jee-n'. it's different in le francais! pronounced as 'zh-ohn' - like john, but emphasize a little more on J..
checking out Les Miz musical now~ ! :)

1st week of sch rock! (:
ahh.. super scared i will fail TP test in June leh... if i were to have a re-test, i'll get my license only after my 19th bday! which is bleh and waste $$ learning luh >:( should had learnt in sch instead of private :(

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