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dimanche, mai 17, 2009

♥ melancholic

): 24 more days to TP. wah, if fail how arh.. now i can truly understand the feeling of being a private student. the % of passing and failing really differs a lot b/w sch and private. wah, i think got spend more than 1.6K in total by driving test date bah. i know, "so much!" haiz. i feel the heartache, yet super paranoid, scaredy cat, melancholic about driving. argh. worried.

sch's been ok so far. tests coming up soon. thank God that our MST week is after vacations! (: more time to do last min revisions.
week6- Simulation test
week7- CSW role play
week8-10 - HOLIDAYS!
week11- MST week ): with 5 tests =/

a lot of ppl's b'days passed alr, but still.... happy birthday! (: gee.

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