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mercredi, mai 06, 2009

♥ nyaa, driving, sleep

argh. nyaa coordinator said that GYL's not counted as adv journey, crap. wasted. after 18 long months. so i'm supposed to go for e camp on june 5-8. but i've got TP test on the 9th, and i tot of chiong-ing when sch holi starts on 5th. ahh.. cos dun wna fail driving if not gotta take re-test, more of expensive driving lessons and time.
sch's been pretty alright... except the fact that there's 5 hrs of lectures and 2 hrs of pract/tutorial on monday and tues. monday blues. lesson learnt: sleep by 11 plus on sunday and monday nights. LOL. cos on monday, Yi Mon was dozing off during lectures cos she slept at 4 plus in the morning.. bad.. then on tues, I was dozing off cos i slept at 12plus/1 ): which is late since i alw sleep b4 12 since sch started...
H1N1 commotion!
1) Thermometers!
Bought on sunday at a sinsei shop near church at 3 like that. $9 was super ex since i rmb buying thermometer in secondary sch for only $5 ): an hour later, i went to the same shop to buy for Yi Mon and i was charged $9.50! o.O heng the woman charge $9 in the end. wah, terrible lor. but i realised that my 2 buddy classmates was cheated more than me. 1 paid $15!! OMG. another paid >$20! gila lah, jack up the price to this extent! and den i checked sch email, they said they were selling at $3 nia. pls, i wanna jump down.. ):

2) Lanyard!
we were supposed to get our lanyards on tues, but our class rep didn't collect! so class kept complaining and etc. and so today, complained to class tutor that we wanted a change of cls rep. LOL. aiya. and we got the plain - no logo, lanyard. which is good and bad. (at least i won't feel that bad that i bot 1 last year for dunno how much)
i shldn't write any resolutions on blog in future ): it doesn't motivate me at all, instead it affects me the other way round.
1) i'll fail my driving test in june ):
2) can't get 4.0 this sem ):
3) screw up NYAA ):
ahh, talk about encouragement! :(
went for cousin's wedding last sat~ hahaha, privilege cos we sat at the immediate family table. we got our food served first, good quality food, best view. hahaha. wish the couple "bai tou xie lao~" (:

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