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vendredi, juin 19, 2009

♥ youth camp

youth camp - sermons and prayers were awesome! (: pastor / priest jude fouquier was really comical and could really engage with us well. and he looks so young la! found the last session on Not Ashamed real good. suddenly rmb-ed an incident in 2006-2007 about being ashamed! yeah. it's about my HP ringtone. kept silent-ing the phone cos the ringtone just goes on till the song ends. at that time, i really felt guilty as if the rooster really crowed 3 times luh. yeah. dunno why i rmb-ed it, but i guess God was trying to push me and to ka-jiao me/bring some memories back. but yeah, just realised that we gotta be bold and courageous, if not when end times come, who will be strong and stand for Jesus right.
games was quite good. the amazing race on tues at berjaya square was quite relaxing cos we were strolling most of the time.. was the last group to return to Federal Hotel (at 5:05pm when we were supposed to end at 4:30pm) walked to Radius at 5:15pm cos was the room I/C =/ lol. games on thurs wasn't as dirty as expected cos we were quite conscious about not getting our SHSS shirt dirty! gee. but yeah, still kena blue coloured water stains on clothes. innovative games luh~ but our group was quite sian-ed by the end of the games day at 4-5 plus. took coach back to radius at 5:15pm and only reached at 6:55pm. due to traffic jam! thankfully caryn asked for housekeeping for the key if not 4 of us cant bathe by 7:20pm for session at 7:30.
in general, youth camp was quite good. cant compare much since this is my 3rd time gg nia. LOL. and it's at hotel... hahaha, but at least, the back of my mind kept reminding me "it's better than Desaru's" LOL! indeed, thank God!

p/s. didnt see anyone from SP (: but we saw SP! su ping and jian lin! LOL!

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