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mercredi, juillet 01, 2009

♥ absolute boyfriend

:) just finished chionging 'Absolute Boyfriend' ! 11 + 1 episodes only! ahh.. it's such a good drama. cos it's showing on friday nights, and i dun like to wait that long + got lots of advertisements luh~ but it's a really good show T^T cried like siao, last few epi super touching. incredible sia, act like a real robot. He's really an ideal boyfriend, no wonder Riiko eventually likes him. but, he's a robot :(

the last episode is super sad again, it was 3 years later. where Riiko returned from Paris, engaged to Soshi alr. but Night was repaired by the other new doctor and he was a robot - ideal bf to Riiko again. so the shock and the exact same words from episode 1.. lol.. but this seoson finale is really sad. cos even though, they promised to live tgt forever when they made the pact 3 years ago, but Night's lifespan eventually ceases and died ): that's why she left for Paris. Night learnt that he and Riiko can never have a family, and he will never grow old and die. haiz. the truth hurts sia. this part was so touching cos he insisted mr naga to actually scrap him! handsome guy leh!! :( haiz.. at least Riiko leads a happy life with Soshi now~ :) such a good show!

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