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lundi, juillet 20, 2009

♥ pics

some pics update :)

Thalia / mei mei's bday on 16th! (: w ansa!

barney! :)
"mei mei, make a wish den blow ur candles" :)
o.O with ansel!
model~ with Olivia yi-yi's gift :D
overdue pics! Church Camp Prep & Youth Camp! :)
UMA! F1 racer luh...
super cool car! totally amazed!

Jemima's Car!
a lot of equipments in the car! omg, totally in awe of UMA's packing skills!
on our way to K.L. (drama sia....)
at Radius International Hotel; our room for the night! :)
woke up relatively early to get ready for work!
at Berjaya!
pose for cam :p (actually is asked for it)
Krispy Kreme at Berjaya! and they gave complimentary donuts :) awesome!
R & R

LOL! w justin and joel!
gambling sia.. LOL.. no la, they playing uno =X
awesome praise and worship!
cup noodles for supper! :)
quite overdue too - stay at aunt/cousins' house (:
off to Science Centre!
at the Da Vinci The Genius Exhibition~
mirrors! (:
happy belated birthdays to....
Thalia/Mei Mei (16th)
Olivia & aunty rosie (17th)
Nicholas (19th)
May God Bless all of you and in ev'thing that you do! may the young ones grow up cute and pretty, the cool ones age gracefully~ :)

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