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mercredi, juillet 08, 2009

♥ sch reopen

sch reopened on mon and i was super tired! slept for all the lectures except the one b4 lunch.. super tired cos of the "lack" of sleep. anyway, got back Fluid Mech test results and i so happy! :) 51/100!! hahaha, yeah i noe, just passed nia, but i tot i will fail mah! den today, got back Stats paper - 31/40 :D WOW! but missed 2 marks on the wrong reason! :( "it's a positive skewed curve" would be good enough. haiz. and simulation report - 95/100 :D heh heh! super happy sia. will be getting back mechanics, QEM (die) tmr and thermo on friday.. haiz..
update (fri)
LOL.. had 35/40 for mechanics! super happy but a lil sian-ed cos missed 1 mark cos of units! >:( QEM :( i failed sia. 44/100. lowest in class. haiz. didn't expect to fail the test b4 the actual test commerced on thurs, but after the paper, knew that i will fail cos i simply dun rmb anything. haiz. it's an open book test (so called) but mind just went blank luh. eng thermo, 86/100! i think if my area is the correct formulae, will definitely get higher marks luh. oh well, really thank God lecturer didn't deduct marks for wrong ans, he gave a lot on method :) thank God!

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